Let’s talk about something that everyone knows but isn’t fun to admit: changing your habits is hard. You’re going to struggle. You’re going to stop following that awesome workout routine you found on YouTube because you don’t care for it anymore. You’re going to stop practicing your Spanish lessons because you aren’t improving as fast as you thought. You’re going to stop meditating for 30 minutes every day, because well, it hurts to meditate for 30 minutes a day, and you feel like a vegetable after.

We call this dip in motivation the Habit Hangover.It’s something that every person who’s ever tried to build a new habit has experienced. It happens when the honeymoon phase of any new habit change is over.

You wake up one day and realize keeping yourself on track with your new habit feels like a chore. And that’s a problem. The Habit Hangover is a danger zone because it’s easy to start resenting yourself for not working on your habit with the same amount of enthusiasm as when you started.

So how can you get back on track? How can you make the habit personally meaningful again? After working with hundreds of coaching professionals and thousands of clients, we know some suggestions for helping people like you get back into the game.

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