Omar Ganai

I help companies build products and services that motivate people to change their behaviour.


Omar Ganai is an expert in the science of motivation and behavior change. Here are some of the things he's made.


A consulting company using Practical Motivation Science to make more effective products.

Habitry iOS

A cutting edge behavior change app for health coaches. Sold by Habitry from 2014-2016.

Habitry Professionals

The first evidence-based, behavior change education platform for health coaches. Sold by Habitry in 2016.

The Motivator

An annual research review of behavioral psychology. Sold by Habitry in 2017.

Essentials of Habit Coaching

Habitry's flagship six-week learning program for coaches. Sold by Habitry in 2016.

Motivating Humans: The Science and Lore of Behavior Change

A comprehensive guide to helping people stay motivated in a de-motivating world. Coming in 2019.

Practical Motivation Science

Articles, tips, research, reports, thought experiments, and wild speculation about applying behavior change science to the practical problems facing product managers, designers, and anyone making stuff for health care, consumer financial products, pharma, insurance, or education.


You can contact me at I read and respond to emails in the mornings and evenings.